What you need to start a bookstore

You want to start a bookstore, but you don’t know the first step? Trust me you are not alone. Some so many authors want to start a book store, but they don’t know the first thing to do.

That is why I put together this post, to assist authors that don’t know how to start a bookstore.

  1. Know your target audience. Before you start any business, you should know your target audience first. Knowing your target audience is the only way you can make good sales. After you must have known your target audience, setup your book store around the location of your target audience.
  2. A good location. If you want to start a successful bookstore, you would need a good location. A place that would be easy for people to locate. However, if you want a good location, you should be ready to pay the price. Because the better the location is, the more expensive the rent would be.
  3. Good staffs. You can’t do it alone; you need staffs in your bookstore. And not just any staff, you need staffs that would be able to engage and educate the customers. You need to hire professional staffs. You can also take the time to train your staffs on more of book-knowledge. Your staffs determine the success of your business, if your staffs mishandle the business, there is every tendency that your business won’t succeed. So make sure you get the right staff.
  4. Efficient book inventory management. Even if you are planning to set up a small bookstore, you would still have thousands of books in your store. Those books need to be analyzed to keep the stock turning and to expand the appeal of all the selection in the bookstore. You also need to put factors like managing inventory into consideration. You should know that cartons of books are very heavy. Therefore, lifting, toting and shelving books is hard work. So when hiring staffs, I think you should add “strong” to the list of traits you want your staff to have.
  5. Retail hours. You have to consider retail hours when you are setting up your store. If you want to make profit through your bookstore, you have to make your bookstore convenient for customers to shop. Making your bookstore convenient for customers can make you open your store on weekends, holidays, etc.