Five websites that pay you to read and review books

If you have a love for reading, but you don’t know how to convert that love for books to money, here is how.

Various sites pay you to read and review books for them. Although, not all sites pay reviewers, but some sites pay. In this post, I would give you a list of five websites that would pay you to read and review books.

    1. Astronomy is an online magazine that pays people who are interested in reviewing books. Before you start pitching your books to the magazine, you must first check with the book editor. What the editor does is that he/she will check for specific information about the book like the book’s publication date, ISBN, price and more. After the editor checks your book, you will get notified if the magazine wants you or not. If the magazine wants you, the review must include short quotes, brief summary and a deep analysis of the book.

  1. Kirkus accepts people that can review both English and Spanish books. However, the review must be around 350 words long. You also have two weeks after receiving the book to submit the review. For you to write reviews for Kirkus, you must have some writing experience, and you will need to submit your writing samples and resume to the editor.
  1. Online book club. Online book club focuses more on new authors who want to expose themselves and books. So your review will be mostly on books from new authors. Although, you have to complete your first review for free before you get paid. If your review you submitted meets their criteria, you will start getting paid for reviews. Their payments start from $5 to $60 per review depending on the depth, length, and professionalism.
  1. Any Subject Books. What any subject books look for are honest book reviewers who are very skilled in critical thinking. If you can meet their criteria and you get chosen as a reviewer, you will get suggestions for reviews for the website, and you can choose to accept or not. However, if you accept the website, you will be given a specific amount of time to complete the job.
  1. Good Old Boat. The good old boat is also an online magazine, but it is a sailing magazine. It pays for book reviews and other writing type. When you get accepted as a reviewer, the magazine will send you titles to review. After you complete the review, you get paid $50 per review. However, your review must be around 375 to 450 words.