12 Influential Graphic Designers Who Blog

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1. Chris Spooner

Influential Graphic Designers

Chris Spooner is huge influence on our website, and is a huge part of the inspiration that started this online journey. Chris Spooner is a freelancer designer and also an avid video gamer who makes his living from the things he loves doing. He shares his successes and provides tips on how you can succeed in your own design business. Chris Spooner also shares many tutorials and helpful design articles without asking for anything in return.

An absolute top bloke and an influential graphic designer for the modern day designer.

He runs two sites:

Spoon Graphics – focuses on Graphic Design

Line25 – focuses on Web Design

2. Antonio Carusone

Influential Graphic Designers

A creative who dabbles in all sorts of different fields. He is a designer who loves grids, minimalism and modernism. He runs an inspirational resource blog called AisleOne and he started TheGridSystem.org. His works resemble a lot of the Swiss Style method of design. He shares a lot of inspirational material and writes interesting articles about his thoughts on design.

Worth a read, especially if you are a fan of modernism and minimalistic design (like I am).

3. David Airey

Influential Graphic Designers

David Airey is a very influential graphic designer in the area of Identity Design and Branding. His specialty is logo design, which he has written a book about. He also runs LogoDesignLove which is a blog focused entirely on branding and logo design.

David Airey has a few websites:

Personal Website

David Airey.com – Where he shares most of his thoughts

LogoDesignLove – Logo design and branding blog

4. Khoi Vinh

Influential Graphic Designers

Khoi runs Subtraction.com which is a blog about design and technology. Khoi was a Design Director at NYTimes.com before he resigned and started Lascaux.co which are the makers of Mixel for the iPad. Khoi blogs mostly about his personal thoughts but also provides some quality insights on the design industry.

5. DavidTheDesigner

Influential Graphic Designers

DavidTheDesigner is a wise and experienced designer. He shares many articles from his experience on how to become a better designer. It is inspiring to read his stories and obtaining insight from a very experienced designer.

Oh yeah, by the way, don’t call him Dave.

6. Daniel Gray

Influential Graphic Designers

Daniel Benneworth-Gray or simply Daniel Gray for short is both a writer and designer. He is a designer who specialises in creating book covers. You can head over to his personal website at danielgray.com to see his works and read his blog.

7. Mark Boulton

Influential Graphic Designers

Mark Boulton is another designer and writer. He has published a couple of books, most notable is his Practical Guide to Designing for Web.

8. John Boardley

Influential Graphic Designers

John Boardley runs ILoveTypography and Codex Mag, one of my personal favourite magazines. He is a typography fanatic and you see all his craziness over at ILoveTypography.

9. Cameron Moll

Influential Graphic Designers

Cameron Moll is the founder of Authentic Jobs, a popular job board for creatives. Cameron is very knowledgable about design across different disciplines, and he shares a lot of his thoughts on his personal website – CameronMoll.com.

10. Graham Smith

Influential Graphic Designers

Graham Smith runs the Im Just Creative blog. He is a logo design specialist and in his blog he shares his thoughts on logo design. He even shows his entire design process from the brief to the finished product and documents the entire process on his blog.

Im Just Creative is a goldmine of information, and you can really get into the mind of an experienced and accomplished designer.

11. Erik Spiek­er­mann

Influential Graphic Designers

Erik Spiekermann is one of the most influential Graphic Designers of our times, most known for his work in typgoraphy. His personal blog is a collection of inspiration and teaching.

12. Jacob Cass

Influential Graphic Designers

Jacob Cass is a very successful freelance graphic designer. If you are considering freelancing, Jacob’s blog (Just Creative) is a great resource on how to get started and succeeding in your freelance endeavours.

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